Monday, 25 April 2016

Review: Poisoning Eros Book I and II - Wrath James White and Monica J. O'Rourke

The gore-fest was seemingly endless, bringing formerly-known barriers crashing down for me. After a while, this could become jaded and repetitive, like a porn-clip losing its ability to titillate with umpteen viewings and jerk-off sessions; but there is a decent plot too (decent seems an alien word here) and Gloria's character is quite well fleshed-out: the aged porn-star left with nothing but bestiality porn shoots to eke out a living and to feed her addiction, or may be it's the other way round - the addiction feeding on her, gnawing at the remnants of her life that is all set for a journey she couldn't have imagined in her wildest dreams.

The romp through hell has been described in an intensely graphic manner, no-holds-barred, most perversions under the sun covered for the benefit of sexual-violence seekers like us fans of splatterpunk and erotic horror, but again, it's not just the medley of tits, ass, dicks, cunts, blood, ripped flesh and cumshots - there are questions raised about the nature of our beliefs, about the concept of heaven and hell, the architect of this imperfect world and his fallibility. And there is a surprise in store at the end.

In short, a great read, at least for me.

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