Thursday, 2 August 2012

The mole on her neck....

Here is a little rendition of a story in SIX  sentences : 

It was the mole that he noticed first. A tiny, black spot just about midway down the sweet separation between her chin and her left collar-bone that passed for a neck. It was so much at odds with the rest of her fair skin like a speck on  freshly-cleaned white fabric, the obvious difference being that the former was so desirable. Whether it was his fetish or some undefined force of attraction exuding from the mole is hard to say but he lay transfixed on it forgetting even to blink for a few seconds. Smack! The spell seemed to have broken unceremoniously with she having found him staring at herself ( or her mole rather). He was so rattled as if he had been caught in the midst of his indulgence in a forbidden pleasure and looked guiltily away.

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