Monday, 6 August 2012

Night of nights........

The stranger hadn't seemed willing at first. She made use of all feminine weapons in her armoury to grab his attention , after all , the day had been entirely 'dry' and a little earning will make it worthwhile.

But the 'act' wasn't perfunctory at all.

Instead, it was an eruption of such intensity that carnal passion flowed uncapped, unbridled and with such abandon as her body had never experienced in her life-time in the oldest profession.

The man's superficial coldness was heavily at odds with his latent sensuality which asserted itself in the multitude of sensations which rocked her whole being to the core.

An expected brief chapter in disinterested , mechanically-performed coitus had been replaced with an act of 'love-making' in the true sense of the word and was as gratifying to her as if she had just got past a mid-life crisis.

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