Thursday, 2 August 2012

Red-light encounter

A story in six sentences :
 It was a three-minute red-light.I had stopped there and was just looking around to bide my time when I saw her. Dressed up in a blue flimsy top and a white skirt, her impatient gaze focused on the green light, her hand ready to turn the throttle of the scooter, her cherubic face tinged with tiny beads of perspiration that threatened to coalesce and flow down the slope of her fair neck and reach her sculpted shoulders, she had the kind of beauty that made my heart skip many a beat. The light had still not turned green, thankfully, and with a frustrated shaking of the head, she shifted her gaze to where I was. Five feet and five inches of sensuality was alloyed by the innocence in her eyes which mesmerized me and robbed me of all locomotion. She gave a little semblance of a smile, scarcely aware that she had made my day even if for just three minutes.

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