Saturday, 11 August 2012

Blind combat.....

It is a fact that when one of the five senses is inhibited, the rest become stronger.

It was nowhere more apparent than in the case of our hero.

Having lost both eyes as a child, his mentor had taught him the art of 'blind combat'.

His ears could hear the rustle of an opponent's clothes, the sharp intake of his breath, his furtive footsteps and even the movement of his arms as they cut through the air.

His skin could feel the slight variation in wind-direction as it got past a man's body; the nape of his neck would tingle on sensing a quarry close behind; his nostrils could smell the bodily odour and even the impending threat.

His more tangible powers, strength and agility, did not pale in comparison; he could cut an adversary in half with a quick, blurred movement of his twin ninja swords that were in sync with his senses and as eager for combat as he was.

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