Thursday, 2 August 2012

A face can say a lot....

With a week-old stubble, the face was not exactly the material version of the proverbial modern , metrosexual men's images that thrive on the pages of glossy women's magazines but in terms of rugged ,masculine handsomeness, it was a winner all the way. The eyes were deep-set, more like narrow slits that stared out from beneath dark eyebrows giving him the look of a keen, incisive man, difficult to ignore and making it an act of outright daring to look him in the eye. The eyes were crowned by a broad temple that rhymed with a chiselled nose, a stiff upper lip and a chin that narrowed downwards in keeping with the Grecian features.He had brushed his hair back thus revealing his forehead and giving him a cruel, no-nonsense look.The fullness of his luscious lips presented a stark contrast with the rest of his face and could have been a deliberate attempt by Providence to make him less baleful and more agreeable. The curling away of the lips would reveal a set of perfect, white teeth that signified not only symmetry but strength as well .Here was a man with all the weapons in his arsenal to slay a woman's heart. A man who could get things done peremptorily and with finality.

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