Saturday, 4 August 2012

Success and vitriol

I fail to understand why people want to see others going down. May be it is a sense of malicious pleasure that another man failed at an attempt that they themselves never had the courage to even think about. What vestigial remnants of human beings are these people ? They do not realize that their ill-will and the physical manifestations of it, the sneers, the jibes and the heart-burn seem to be more of a celebration of their own impotence than a way to dent the confidence of a brave man who had the determination to do what these people would never be able to attempt in a thousand lifetimes. Sometimes I think it is a way of God to test the endurance of a man that He perhaps chose to accomplish a great task just to see that He had chosen wisely. Men of true-grit and integrity are at a premium and the world needs them much more than the dregs of human-kind that are only good at vilifying others.

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