Saturday, 18 August 2012

Stagnation and growth.....

So many people around me with new degrees, new courses, new jobs and so on and so forth, and me a stagnating, almost inanimate object, trapped in the same job, same city for the past three and a half years ? No! I am not stagnating ! I am growing like a tree that remains fixed to the ground and yet keeps scaling new heights. 

The tree was a seed once, buried in the ground while time elapsed around it and then one day the seed started to sprout. The sapling took all the nourishment it could imbibe from its surroundings and kept on growing - leaves sprouting, flowers blooming, branches elongating and the trunk hardening with time.

Such is my own growth.

 I am absorbing as much as I can from the ambience, using it to my advantage, steeling myself with every injury, groping in the dark, fumbling with novelties, stumbling and then getting up every time, emerging a better man.

I learn something new everyday, brush up and update my knowledge, hone my God-given skills, and in the process I am being chiseled by Time, the greatest sculptor, into an object of perfection.

The battle of life will harden me into a being that would perhaps make a mark one day.

May be I would achieve greatness while being fixed in the same spot till eternity.

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